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1. What are your photographers' fees?
All the photographers’ fees are based on the size and scope of the job. The two crucial pieces of information which have the greatest impact on the fees are the type of usage rights required and the length of time our clients need those rights. The number of shoot days, exclusivity, and number of subjects shot in a day also can make a difference in the fee.

2. Do you charge a day rate as opposed to a per image fee?
Most often we charge a basic day rate and then, on top of that, a usage fee which includes the rights to all the photographs.

3. How do you charge for digital photography?
There is a per-shoot-day fee for the digital capture/processing/edit/archive time. That fee varies depending on the scope of the shoot.

4. Can I get an on-line portfolio?
Yes. Please call so we can discuss exactly what you are looking for, and I can create an FTP site of images custom-made for you and your project.

5. I don’t want to see photos that were shot for my company appearing in a competitor’s brochure. How can I protect myself from that scenario?
We can discuss the idea of exclusivity. You can require total exclusivity or industry-only exclusivity. Total exclusivity means that none of the images will appear in any stock library nor will the photographer be allowed to resell any of the images to any third party for the life of the assignment agreement. Industry-only exclusivity puts the same restrictions on the re-selling of the images except it applies only to sales to companies in your specific industry, i.e., financial services, insurance, pharmaceutical, etc.

6. Can I use an image from the website in a comp to sell the concept to my client?
Yes, we encourage you to do that.

7. Do any of the photographers sell their photos as stock?
Yes. Please call for instructions on where to find a particular photographer’s stock photos.

8. How do I receive the digital images after the shoot is over?
Most often you will receive jpegs on disks of all the edited and “cleaned-up” images for organized and efficient viewing. Once you have made your final selects, if you need conversion to hi-res and/or retouched images, we can arrange for that, too.

9. What is the difference between a buyout and unlimited use/unlimited time?
A buyout usually refers to the client buying the copyright to the images. In my opinion, this is rarely necessary. It’s the most expensive way to purchase rights to photography and requires the photographer to give up his/her copyright to the images. Even unlimited use/unlimited time rights are more than you will ever need in most instances. I have found that 5 years is about the longest useful life-span of commercial photographs.

10. Do you require an advance on the assignment’s fees and expenses?
Yes, and it’s 50% of the approved estimate.
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